Different Styles of Yellow Gold Bands

Gold bands actually come in a much broader array of styles than the classical wedding band. Below, let’s have a look at some of the different types of gold bands, and subsequent jewelry pieces, available at a store like Love and Pride. You can also check out my posts about both white gold bands and silver wedding bands. 3mm Milgrain Gold Ring A futuristic, ultra-modern look and feel with this small yet impactful piece, the 3mm milgrain gold ring is … Continue reading

BATGIRL Creators Apologize in the Wake of Transgender Controversy

The creative team on DC’s Batgirl, posted an apology this weekend about last week’s issue #37, which caused some controversy among trans-friendly bloggers and transgender and transexual fans. Continue reading

Heart & Soul: What We Deserve

After conducting workshops in several cities around the country, I have noticed a recurring theme in each of them: that of a feeling of deservedness.
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Being Both Gay and Christian Stirs Liberals and Conservatives Alike

As homosexuality and gay marriage gain increased social acceptance, there’s a rarely discussed group that is also beginning to become more prevalent and vocal: those with same-sex attraction who remain celibate. Continue reading

Rainbow Jewelry: Adding More Colors to Christmas

Adding More Colors to Christmas One thing to keep in mind about jewelry is that it’s pretty much a blank slate. This is why you see so many different types of jewelry. Some jewelry is on the designer side of things, while other types are simplistic. Some jewelry is highly fashionable and costs thousands of dollars, and some, like the Rainbow jewelry line, makes a statement of another sort entirely. Rainbow jewelry might interest a lot of people for a … Continue reading

Marine Strangles Transgender Woman In Philippines

A U.S. Marine has been charged with murder in the death of a transgender woman who was found… Continue reading

Different Styles of Silver Wedding Rings

Some of my fave picks for silver wedding bands. Love them! Continue reading

ABC Family Orders Transgender Docuseries Produced By Ryan Seacrest

The docuseries, from Ryan Seacrest Productions, centers on a teen named Ben who learns his parents are not only getting a divorce, but also that his father is becoming a woman. Continue reading

The Right Romantic Jewelry for the Right Price

All of these pieces of romantic jewelry are going to blow your lovers mind this season. It is definitely worth checking out the site and all of the other goodies they have. Continue reading

Fiancé of doctor driven to suicide calls on homophobic communities to ‘open their eyes’

Matt Ogston has started the Naz and Matt Foundation in memory of partner Dr Nazim Mahmood who died in July after jumping from the top floor apartment they shared in West Hampstead. Continue reading