FDA’s New Blood Donation Guidelines Offer Little Clarity For Transgender People

The policy, medical experts say, creates for transgender people what is, effectively, an inverse of the blood ban applied to other people. For example, a transgender woman who only has sex with straight men is banned from donating blood… Continue reading

A Love for All Things Glitter and Gold This Valentines Day

Are you a fan of gold jewellery? Most jewellery lovers are; gold is still the most popular type of jewellery sold around the world… Continue reading

Why Such A Controversy Over Trans People and Washrooms?

Do many people really care about all the bathroom controversy surrounding transgender peeps? I mean…I just don’t see why it seems to be an end of the world type situation. Continue reading

FOX News Ends Day of Contrition With Blanket Apology To England and France

I can’t help but find it shocking, even after all this time, that there are actually people who put any stock in what comes out of the mouths of those on FOX news. Continue reading

Getting Past the First Time Jitters- Valentine Shopping

When you find a special partner and get into a real relationship, you can feel on top of the world. Being in love is a special feeling, but… Continue reading

Supreme Court agrees to take on same-sex marriage issue

The U.S. Supreme Court decided Friday it will tackle the issue of whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, or whether states are allowed to ban gay marriage… Continue reading

This Bruce Jenner Sex Change Story Really Peed Me Off

I am really appalled by the whole Brice Jenner debacle. I am shocked (and it takes a lot to shock me these days) that a magazine would be so totally and incoherently cruel and insensitive. Continue reading

Gay and Lesbian Symbols: The Unicode

Gay rights activism obviously predates the LGBT community as a whole, with lesbian women also carving out a space for their rights long before bisexual and transgendered… Continue reading

80% of LGBT Mormons Have Tried To Change Sexual Orientation

Some things appear to be so obvious that there hardly seems to be a need for a survey to prove it.
Continue reading

The Best Deals on LGBT Fashion and Accessories (Sexy Ones!)

This high-quality discount jewelry and other accessories are always affordable and always produced with PRIDE. Continue reading