Psychology Speaks When It Comes to Gays and Lesbians as Parents

Court decisions that favor a heterosexual parent over a gay or lesbian parent in a custody dispute often do not consider the latest sociology or psychology papers on parenting by gay and lesbian individuals, according to a new review from Drexel University. Continue reading

Does a Strictly LGBT Old Age Home Go Against All We Fight For?

I don’t know what to think about this, does this go against everything we are fighting for? Tell me your thoughts. Continue reading

Easter Jewelry Sale You Cannot Miss

If you have been looking for an Ester gift for someone you love you can’t go wrong with the beautiful jewelry at b2cJewels. They have a marvellous collection of gold and silver crucifixes and crosses among other religious and non-religious jewelry. It is a pretty great site and well worth checking out for yourself. You will find virtually every gemstone a person would want to wear there. They do a great job at incorporating monthly birthstones into jewelry that people … Continue reading

Family Murdered for Her Being a Lesbian

I got this scary message about a lesbian woman whose family was murdered and who herself will be killed if forced to return to Nigeria in my inbox this morning and I just had to share. Continue reading

Keep Stylish Time This Spring

Stylish Spring fashion is what I am all about and these gay watches and lesbian watches are out of this world. Definitely just what you need for Spring time. Continue reading

Rainbow Pride Titanium Jewellery Collection

This LGBT jewellery collection takes the heart and soul of rainbow pride and elevates it to a little classier category. Continue reading

Vintage and Versace: A Perfect Mix

Many of today‚Äôs high-end fashion brands have been around for a long time. A brand like Versace, for example… Continue reading

Scandal SPOILER: I can’t Believe They Killed Off…

Do you watch Scandal? It was so sad tonight, I can’t believe they killed off…find out who after the jump! Continue reading

What is Oxidized Silver Jewelry?

I adore the look of this oxidized silver necklace, it’s unique and classically stylish. Just like the matching hoop earrings, this necklace is going to be a statement piece.
Continue reading

Ding Dong Fred Phelps is Gone

Fred Phelps — the founding pastor of a Kansas church known for its virulently anti-gay protests at public events, including military funerals — has died, the church said Thursday. Continue reading