Famous Transgender Celebs, and the Need for More Representation

The LGBT community represented in film and television is made up primarily of gay men and lesbian women, with a bisexual individual sprinkled in sporadically for flavor. But what about transgendered individuals? Continue reading

Letter From The Upshot Editor: Illuminating Gay America

When Gallup published data on the gay population in every state a couple of years ago, Washington, D.C., stood out. It had almost twice as many residents saying they were lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender — 10 percent — as any state. Continue reading

“Gay-friendly” Jeb Bush: “People have a right” to refuse services to gays

Likely presidential contender signals support for license-to-discriminate measures Continue reading

Do You Know Transgendered Teen Jazz Jennings Yet? You Will

Activist and YouTube star Jazz Jennings will star in a reality show debuting on TLC this summer, the network announced last week. “All That Jazz” will feature the 14-year-old and… Continue reading

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The Anti-Gay Climate of Iran

Not to speak ill of an entire religion, but in terms of gay rights, Islam has a horrific record. In nations where Sharia is a major part of their legal systems, gay rights are trampled on to the point where gays and lesbians are imprisoned and even killed… Continue reading

The Best LGBT Accessory Deals of 2015!

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U.S. Military Takes Baby Step Toward Allowing Transgender Soldiers

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4 Of The Hottest Gay Men In Movies

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