Fashion That’s Actually Fashionable

In the world we live in today, imitation is rampant and unadulterated. While some consider it the sincerest form of flattery, others consider it to be a cheap way to capitalize on an industry, especially as it pertains to contemporary jewellery and fashion. Continue reading

Famous Gay Scandals: George Michael

Serious fans of George Michael have long known the famous English musician was gay, even back when Michael was clinging to his “I’m bisexual” line like grim death. Continue reading

Gay Pride Symbols: Rainbow Flag

Although the rainbow flag initially started out as a gay-specific symbol of pride, it has greatly evolved in the 30-some-odd years since its inception. The colors have changed, its meaning has evolved, and in terms of LGBT symbolism… Continue reading

SPOILERS Someone Dies A Hero In Life With Archie

They introduced the first gay character in Life With Archie and then they killed off…*gasp* Continue reading

Love and Pride – Meeting Your Jewellry Needs (with ease!)

Tracing back human history as far it can possibly go, we find striking similarities between people of today and people of yesteryear. The obvious ones aside, like language and relationships and the like… Continue reading

Sexual Orientation: I don’t Need To Be Cured

While most of the country moves forward on legal protections for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons (LGBT), Republicans in Texas have retrenched their opposition in a shocking manner. Continue reading

Famous Gay Scandals: Ted Haggard

No one knows what it’s like to live in secret, to hide in fear and shame and to feel uncomfortable in one’s skin, like a member of the LGBT community. However, there’s still a sense of righteous elation when a hypocrite… Continue reading

LGBT Friendly Books Banned in Singapore

The National Library Board (NLB) in Singapore is standing by its decision to permanently remove from its shelves three children’s books featuring plots with gay or unconventional families. Continue reading

Shopping with Sentimentality, Love and Pride

Our amazing gift guide with 4 price ranges! Shopping with Sentimentality, Love and Pride With so many types of jewellry out there, it boggles the mind that there aren’t many pieces of specific lesbian jewellery to choose from. Why is that? One would think that this is a huge niche, yet it’s tough to find specific jewellery for that special lady, if she happens to be a lesbian. Luckily, this isn’t the case when shopping with Love and Pride. Not … Continue reading

LGBT Symbols Meaning: Pink Triangle

The gay struggle dates back thousands of years, back when ignorance was so rife that most simply pretended lesbians, transgendered people and others under today’s LGBT flag didn’t exist or were just mentally deranged… Continue reading