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5 Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry That Are To Die For

Why Are Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces So Alluring To Human Kind?

Handmade Sterling Silver

Handmade Sterling Silver love to pass on their work to someone else. To our kind, it is preferable not to do anything yourself but to have someone else do your work for you. For us, this is the hierarchy of life. It is the main reason why machines and artificial bits of intelligence have become such a huge part of our daily functioning. Even something as simple as handmade sterling silver jewelry making we have given over to the machine presses. After all, machines can bring about perfection in a way that human beings simply cannot.

But here, there is a certain level of hypocrisy within the hearts and minds of humans all over the world. We as human beings pay more for handmade things rather than those that are machine-made. Just compare the prices between the handmade sterling silver jewelry and the ones that are machine-made. You will see a world of difference. These jewelry pieces are considered more precious. Hence, they have more importance in the hearts of those who possess these beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces. 

Handmade Sterling Silver

What Kind Of Hand Made Sterling Silver Jewelry Should You First Buy?

There are so many different kinds of handmade sterling silver jewelry out there. Jewelry that is absolutely to die for and something you should have in your vanity. If you are a little confused on which jewelry pieces you should buy, here are a few options that might tickle your fancy. If you like them, then just head on to the shop or online store and click ‘buy’ as soon as you can. After all, you don’t want to lose your desired jewelry piece to someone else, do you! 

#1 Unheated  Natural Ruby Handmade Sterling Silver Ring 

This particular handmade sterling silver jewelry piece has double the fun and is something to die for. Its’ got a beautiful and natural ruby set atop a gorgeous sterling silver. Both elements of the ring have been honed to perfection by the most skilled artisans. With each etch, upturn, and molding of the sterling silver you can easily see the skill the artisan has, not to mention the beautiful way the ruby has set upon the hold of the ring. It’s’ like perfection brought to life by a jewelry master and we must worship at its altar. 

#2 Handmade Sterling Silver Diamond Cross

The most popular handmade sterling silver jewelry piece is of course a diamond cross. And why shouldn’t it be after all! The artisans and skilled sterling silver jewelry makers know how to mold the silver into a beautiful cross and then when the metal is still heated, they etch intricate pagan or catholic designs on them. This gives the crosses a more ethereal beauty that makes them even more valuable. Once the etching is complete, the artisan takes a handful of either diamonds or zircon or any other gorgeous stone and places it strategically on the cross. The diamond cross is one of the most expensive pieces of handmade sterling silver jewelry available on the market. So better hurry up and buy your piece fast!

Handmade Sterling Silver

#3 Turkish Style Handmade Sapphire Stone Ring

The only thing we humans love more than handmade sterling silver jewelry is exotic hence Turkish style handmade sterling silver jewelry. This Turkish style sterling silver ring is certainly a beauty to behold. This particular design paired with a Sapphire stone is often seen in the hands of men. Although if you want to specially commission this beautiful ring for a woman or a girl that is also possible. The artisan who hand-makes these rings can surely diminish the dimensions of this mens’ ring design and turn it into a truly beautiful woman’ ring as well. 

#4 Handmade Sterling Silver Horseshoe Nail Necklace

The horseshoe nail necklace is another fan favorite. The artisans who create these beauties are often urged to make these beautiful necklaces. They are a reminder of a time that is long past. When horses were used for more than just recreational riding and a horse’s shoe was quite important to man. The horseshoe nail necklace is hand-crafted to perfection by the artisan and if you want you could even have some diamonds, zircon, or you choice stone added onto it. This particular necklace can be worn easily with anything you want. It can blend in perfectly with all forms of clothing, so you wouldn’t have to worry about taking it off. 

#5 Handmade Luxury Stone Sterling Silver Bracelet

Last but not least in our list of gorgeous handmade sterling silver jewelry is the luxury stone bracelet. Now, not only this bracelet made of gorgeous sterling silver, covering a breath of your wrist it has so much more to offer. In companionship with the beautiful sterling silver, the artisan of the bracelet also adds some beautiful etches that make it stand out from the rest of the crowd of bracelets. Other than the etches, what truly turns this bracelet into a luxurious commodity is the beautiful stones that are artfully inlaid in the bracelet. You can pick and choose the stones you want to be put on the bracelet. Make sure its’ something complementary to yourself or whoever you are having it made for. 

Handmade Jewelry Is Certainly Worth It

Handmade Sterling Silver

So now that you have read up on the top 5 handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces, we hope you know what your next step should be. If you still do not, here is a hint. Go and check your wallet, make sure you have enough money, and head on to the store. Buy the ring, necklace, pendant, earring, or whatever piece takes your fancy. Buy it before it runs out, after all, handmade jewelry is not made in dozens like machine-made jewelry. These things are a precious commodity and you should hurry up before your favorites are out of stock for a while.

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