Promoting Real Love with Gay Promise Rings

How much thought have you actually put into gay promise rings? Probably not enough. This trillion diamond ring makes the perfect gift to show your lover you are serious about your relationship. And it’s from Love and Pride, the lesbian and gay jewelry store.

14k Yellow Gold Trillion RingThis trillion diamond ring from Love and Pride lesbian and gay jewelry is stylish, comfortable to wear and you can even buy a another gay promise ring to match.

This gold ring is only one single half of the 18k yellow gold trillion diamond ring. You can show your commitment by purchasing one for you and one for the person you love more than anyone else.

18k White Gold Trillion Combination Ring

To purchase the entire combination ring in the same size, you can click here and see this gay mens ringas a whole.

And needless to say, Love and Pride will package this trillion diamond ring in a luxurious presentation box, so no matter the occasion you are sure to impress your loved one from start to finish. Gay promise rings mean a lot when they come from the heart.

Isn’t it time to show him how much he really does mean to you? Here are some even more ideas for you to choose from:

micagem fragrance
Mica Gem: This isn't your everyday fragrance, nope, it's really part of a movement. For every bottle of Humana fragrance sold, they promise to donate a mosquito net to a child in need. This is a big deal because thousands and thousands of children die each year from mosquito borne illness.
SWAG Like USSWAG Like Us: This is an LA based clothing brand whose focus is on creating high-quality apparel for fashion savvy, trend-setting, confident, sexy people like, well, like you and me.
cockpit clothing lineCockpit: I personally love this line, it a fashion collection that's made with authentic materials and the hardy construction drawn from the historical archive of military apparel. They are the official suppliers to the U.S. Air Force of the A-2 leather Pilot Jacket. How cool is that?
love and pride home decorStar Home: Each piece of home decor is fashioned by metal artisans in the heritage and traditions of the craft and each piece is unique with the character and signature of its creator. With designs both timely and timeless, their pieces befit casual entertaining or your most elegant affair.
gay and lesbian clothingbestcollective: This line is focused on bringing together a seamless blend of luxury and relaxed wear, all made with high-quality fabrics and knitwear. Everything is made in Los Angeles, no China sweatshops involved.
Hoopnotica: Hoopnotica is state of being where skills are challenging, but still within grasp; leaving you inspired to keep at it while still having fun. You'll be reminded of your childhood- where physical play was FUN - not a "workout".

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  1. love this blog. Thanks for adding keywordluv.

  2. you have the most beautiful gay and lesbian jewelry. I talk about your site all the time.

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  4. Excellent jewelry. thanks for the share

  5. good points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

    – Murk

  6. I am so envious of these ones. Oh how I wish I could own one. I want to purchase this as a gift for my gay friend. He would surely love this!

  7. Never come across the idea of a gay promise ring, so I’ve learned something today!

    I do love those trillium diamond rings, they could equally be for a heterosexual couple!

  8. Never had any inclination that these day, our soldiers accept gay as who they are. Sad thing is, they are in the observation phase. Not all gays are coming out as they are afraid of being discriminated. I do hope there would be justice soon.

  9. Hola! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

  10. Love is not about Gender.. Same sex couples often use gay pride rings as highly symbolic engagement rings. :) <3

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