Wholesale Gemstone Rings

Wholesale gemstone rings in Thailand

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Gemstone rings are never going to be out of fashion no matter after how many years designers come up with a new design. It is mostly passed on through ancestors to the generations in order to make them feel their presence throughout the rest of their life. Many designers deal in creating gemstone jewelry based on the birth months as some people are very conscious. They tend to wear the stone that is allocated to their horoscope or birth month rather than the one they like or wish to own. 

Wholesalers should not purchase wholesale gemstone rings in bulk as people are very choosy in terms of getting the ring they want. There are various gemstones that are being used in the design of the rings that are being created today. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Ruby

Wholesale Gemstone Rings 01

The rings with a ruby stone in the middle is loved by many. It adds a spark to the overall look of the person who is wearing it. Ruby looks exquisite if it is paired up with small diamonds. 

  1. Emerald 

Wholesale Gemstone Rings 01

Emerald is another colored gemstone that looks exclusive in sterling silver jewelry rather than in rose gold or pure gold. It looks classy and versatile especially if it is worn with an evening gown. 

  1. Turquoise Ring

Wholesale Gemstone Rings 01

The ring that has a turquoise stone in the middle is quite common in Boho culture. Many people avoid wearing it till it is suggested by someone that is suits them. It is widely believed that turquoise rings can bring bad luck to the ones who are wearing it without any proper consultation. It is all about the stone fitting the birth month and horoscope perfectly. However, wearing a turquoise gemstone ring looks super trendy and it can easily be paired up with casual clothes as well. 



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