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Since 1971, Hong Factory has served thousands of jewelers with wholesale  jewelry collection and the advanced OEM & ODM jewelry customization to create countless one-of-a-kind exceptional jewelry pieces. As one of Thailand’s oldest jewelry manufacturers, we are pride in delivering four decades of distinctive designs, scrupulous attention to details and quality consistency. Our focus is on crafting your exceptional experience with bespoke jewelry design that is affordable and personalized for our business partners



With every exquisite jewelry that we offer, a distinct difference can be found that exemplifies the principles of creativity and excellence. Intricate designs are infused into each piece to add a sense of character that contributes to its individuality.


All of our gemstones have been handpicked by our team of experts to ensure their quality. We believe in sourcing our gems from the reputable gems cutters that carefully cuts each piece using a qualified grade that contributes to establishing an affordable price without a loss in magnificence.


With every one of our designs, a defined sense of craftsmanship will instantly be recognized. Our pieces are cultivated by experienced masters who add just the right touch of modern, yet timeless features that allow for years of excellence. Each design is performed in house so that we can personally oversee each procedure and guarantee its quality.


To fulfill our mission of supplying only the absolute best pieces, we have dedicated ourselves to implementing an extensive system of quality checks that are put into place during every stage of the curation process. These all come together in the end to produce jewelry that exemplifies complete perfection.

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